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In collaboration with the leading Shopware Platinum agency elio we simply present the best time to value for your online store.

elio with 120+ certifications and 20+ years of expertise, is one of the most valued pioneers in the Shopware universe. Milestones such as the first official Shopware Enterprise partnership or the realization of the first Shopware 6 project worldwide prove that with our plugin you get 100% quality and expertise at a reasonable price. your new suggest, search and filter functions and the structure of all category product lists. 

Shopware standard search? Not enough.

Products and content can be searched in parallel 

Incorrect spellings and incomplete search queries for article numbers deliver results 

Shopware dynamic product groups are traded more reliably

100% GDPR compliant for all core & AI functions

API-first approach incl. intuitive marketing assortment settings in a state-of-the-art portal with drag & drop functionality

Performance optimized. Loading times in Shopware are noticeably improved by outsourced servers for suggest, search and all category page lists

Native plugin for Shopware > 6.5 for fast delta data synchronization

Can be integrated up to 3x faster and up to 66% lower running costs

Family Office. Founder hören und lösen Ihre Probleme & Wünsche

Shopware standard search & own development

  Unnecessary extra effort for programming beyond the platform standard

 Drain valuable developer resources 

 Brings further internal complexity and distracts from the core business

 Domain knowledge not given. “Making things worse” on a very complex topic

 One size fits all approach with compromises on performance

 Complex configurations based on the "free standard" which is included in the Shopware license 

 Own hosting, maintenance and updates do not save any costs 

 No external support and no assistance with your specific requirements.

Total Cost of Ownership

Our fast deployment cycles, performance, flexibility, and utilization across all possibilities allow you to get unbeatable value for money.

Even if there were free alternatives, they couldn't compete with our value proposition.

Two plugins.
Data Discovery Core & BatteryIncluded by elio.
One goal. Your growth.

Developed for data-driven, AI-fueled, highly relevant product listings.

Because  D A T A  matters

Real Time Raw Data Aggregation


With our real-time raw data aggregation, our plugin automatically collects all data from your Shopware backend. Flexible and versatile, we enable holistic data processing, even with additional systems such as a separate headless CMS, your PIM or ERP. Use the full power of your data to make informed decisions. Join us in declaring war on data silos.

Because  A I  matters

Enabling Business Intelligence

Thanks to our innovative database structure, which is based on the latest deep learning, machine learning and AI algorithms and natural language processing, we offer you an unparalleled business intelligence experience.Our algorithms determine the highest relevance for all your products to automatically make the best decisions for your users.

Because  U X  matters

API only for your global product lists

With our flexible API for suggest, onsite search, dynamic filters and all other category product lists, you get full access to our comprehensive business logic and metadata via a user-friendly JSON interface. Maintain full control and flexibility when using our high-performance functions for your headless frontend or your native Shopware template.

The Relevance Stream

The core logic of our API, the Relevance Stream, is not only individually tailored to the needs of your company, but is also dynamically and continuously optimized.

At its heart is a vector relevance calculation derived from a self-learning algorithm that takes into account your sorting logic, as well as the number and pricing of your products sold.

We are constantly learning from your metadata, your additional tracking and performance data.

Our algorithms adjust automatically to ensure that your product listings are always highly relevant. This automation means you don't have to worry about manual adjustments.

Your new AI Data Discovery is continuously evolving to ensure the best possible user experience and maximize your revenue.

Data Discovery renewed at its core. Plug & Play database replacement with new Foundation & BatteryIncluded Volt Search.

Strategically developed for Shopware > 6.5. Test a completely new orchestrated solution for your Suggest, search results and all category listings within a few hours. Enjoy maximum flexibility and agility to your individual challenges, best practices, expert services and AI tools in operation, so you can effortlessly turn your commerce vision into reality.


faster integration


cost savings


native to Shopware

25+ years




Designed for Shopware
Composable Components

Our 3 components offer the most flexible approach on the market today for building your global product listings. 

Built on a headless philosophy, the APIs of our modular solution not only enable seamless communication between the backend and frontend, but also serve as messengers bridging various data silos. 

Our architecture allows a custom domain logic for each index. 

From now on, leverage your own personalized end-to-end solution, assembled according to your specific logic. 


Suitable for any
Shopware B2B solution

Whether your goal is to restrict the visibility, searchability, filterability, or sortability of specific products or prices for selected user groups, or present various currencies for global customers, BatteryIncluded effortlessly accommodates these needs as standard functionalities.

Enjoy full control over complex pricing and assortment logics, per user group and per index and storefront.

"As an enterprise agency, we stand for software that has to meet very high expectations. Finally there is a valuable alternative to this important topic in Shopware."

Aleksa M. – COO

"We’re impressed by the complexity and quality of the extension"

Rune L. – Technical Consultant

"BatteryIncluded gives us a new level of control over the entire suggest, search and category experience. It's a huge area where we finally don't have to worry about technical liabilities. We are free from performance issues and can work in a self-sufficient, granular and use-case oriented way."

Julian H. – CEO

"The aim of the architecture was to make the integration as seamless as possible with the Shopware database. All previous projects have impressively demonstrated this."

Ralf F. – Head of Application Management

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