AI Data Discovery Framework

A new era for product relevance in your online-store

Single framework.
Three components.
One goal. Your growth.

Developed for data-driven, AI-fueled, highly relevant product listings.

Because  D A T A  matters

Real Time Raw Data Aggregation 


With our real-time raw data aggregation, we use all data sources (e.g. ERP, CMS, store backend, GA4, etc.) and combine them into a central data stream. Flexible and versatile, we enable holistic data processing in real time. Use the full power of your data to make well-founded decisions. Join us in declaring war on data silos. 

Because  A I  matters

Enabling Business Intelligence 

Thanks to our innovative database structure, which is based on the latest deep learning, machine learning and AI algorithms and natural language processing, we offer you an unparalleled business intelligence experience.Our algorithms determine the highest relevance for all your products to automatically make the best decisions for your users.

Because  U X  matters

API only for your global product lists

With our flexible API for suggest, onsite search, dynamic filters and all other category product listings, you get full access to our comprehensive business logic and metadata via a user-friendly JSON interface.Maintain full control and flexibility when using our high-performance functions for your headless frontend, custom theme or template. 

Award-winning innovation. Pioneering excellence.

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Upvote on Product Hunt

„Our approach and product leverage the latest capabilities, cutting-edge architecture, self-service processes, and flexible, data-driven methodologies.“

Most promising start-up 2023

„We’re truely impressed by the technological advancements already demonstrated and anticipate its further success against industry giants.“

Winner of the 2023 Search Industry Awards

Awarded and recognized by the jury at the 18th Search Solution conference held at BCS London on 23rd November 2023.

Premium Partner Service

"A huge area where we finally no longer have to worry about technical liabilities. We are working autonomously, granularly and use-case driven.


Highly flexible

Data Discovery


Our 3 components offer the most flexible approach on the market today for building your global product or content lists.

Built on a headless philosophy, the APIs of our modular solution not only enable seamless communication between the backend and frontend, but also serve as messengers bridging various data silos.

Interoperability and best-of-breed as a credo. Why? Unrivaled time to market, maximum flexibility and better conversion rates.

You can now use your own customized Search as a Service, put together according to your logic. 

Destruction & disruption.
From experts. For pioneers.

Are you already rethinking the backbone of your online store? 

Onsite search function ...

According to a recent study by MarketingSherpa, the conversion rate for users of the search function is three times higher than for users who do not use the search function. The purchase intention of users who search is many times higher and much closer to completing the purchase. Nevertheless, the basics of this conversion driver are often not taken into account. Let's change that.

Suggest function ...

Or PreSense, as we affectionately call the suggest box.

Inspire your users from the first click in the search field with relevant typeahead suggestions for word completion, any category pages, content, locations or first products. Rethink this important feature with us, especially for mobile. 

Category Lists ...

70-80% of your users browse your category pages. We understand every click on a category as an "onsite search", with a selected attribute/filter. Our engine delivers a specially developed category score for each query and metadata for automatic filter mapping for consistent product lists across the entire store. 

Category Lists ...

70-80% of your users browse your category pages. We understand every click on a category as an "onsite search", with a selected attribute/filter. Our engine delivers a specially developed category score for each query and metadata for automatic filter mapping for consistent product lists across the entire store. 

Dynamic filters ...

Dynamic filters are considered an essential function to avoid user frustration and save time. Thanks to aggregated data, dynamic filters remove all unnecessary filter options for each search query. On category pages, you can use complete freedom in the selection of filters. Static and inflexible is a thing of the past. 

Recommendations ...

Mckinsey study: 35% of all sales on Amazon and 75% of what is streamed on Netflix comes from product recommendations. Our data aggregation module allows you to make highly relevant, 100% cookieless recommendations. These are not subject to approval within your CMP, meaning 100% of your users benefit. 

Product Detail Pages ...

Thinking strictly to the end, all product lists and product detail pages, including descriptions, can be completely outsourced from your frontend and hosting to our service. 

We have all the data. We look forward to revolutionizing your digital presence with you. 

The complexity of online stores is increasing. To remedy this, we act with our Data Discovery Framework as an elementary building block for all your data bases and form one of the most important pillars, alongside your shopping cart or checkout function.

In your portal you will find the perfect balance between automatisms & setting options for new decision-making and action bases.

Work smart - always



Together we make better decisions with your data. 

Complex shop product lists are finally displayed simply, transparently and with high performance thanks to a maximally flexible toolbox.

While maintaining a strong emphasis on data protection, remaining dedicated to providing unmatched value for money.

Welcome in the age of efficiency

Our advanced AI search technology includes a deep understanding of user preferences, enables automated, precise search results and creates a personalized shopping experience. With 25+ years of experience in onsite product search and innovative database technologies, we set standards in performance and scalability.

Our database structure, based among other things on vector similarity calculations, handles complex scenarios. It is time for a user experience that is not only technologically leading, but also respects privacy. Regardless of tracking, cookies and personal data, we offer your customers the best shopping experience.

Join forces for a shared focus on innovation.

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Save time. Increase your efficiency. Inspire your users. We are obsessed with our customers' success and give digital pioneers an unfair competitive advantage in the market.

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Privacy-First AI


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