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We provide automatisms for your use cases. No general promises. 

With our advanced AI solutions, we give you the most valuable thing in the world. Time.

AIPicks ensures the best product recommendations at a glance in the quantity of your offer, while the Relevance Stream generally provides the highest relevance of your product listings. Our Dynamic Synonym Suggest, offers great time savings on top, reacts to different and changing user behavior and offers a maximally automated, dynamic search experience.

With one clear goal. To provide you with unparalleled performance and user experience.

AI controlled product labels

Consumers don't wanna have more choice.
They want to be more confident in the choices presented.

We use artificial intelligence to identify and highlight the most relevant and high-quality products in your catalog. Whether “top seller”, “trending” or “best choice”. AIPicks ensures that your customers always see the best options at first glance.

Our self-learning algorithms continuously optimize the selection process to increase customer satisfaction, shorten the path to the right product in the wealth of options and increase the conversion rate.

Seamlessly integrated via API, AIPicks is easy to implement and offers unparalleled flexibility.

Do you combine Volt Merch already with AIPicks?

The Relevance Stream

The core logic of our API, the Relevance Stream, is not only individually tailored to the needs of your company, but is also dynamically and continuously optimized.

At its heart is a vector relevance calculation derived from a self-learning algorithm that takes into account your sorting logic, as well as the number and pricing of your products sold.

We are constantly learning from your metadata, your additional tracking and performance data.

Our algorithms adjust automatically to ensure that your product listings are always highly relevant. This automation means you don't have to worry about manual adjustments.

Your new AI Data Discovery is continuously evolving to ensure the best possible user experience and maximize your revenue.

Dynamic Synonym Suggest

Different and changing user behavior requires automated synonym handling. This allows us to increase engagement and sales, while together we make all products and content easier to find.

By analyzing your sessions, clicks, shopping carts and conversions, BatteryIncluded identifies new potential synonyms. And you have the final say: you can quickly accept or reject any synonym recommendation before it is added to your index library.

Use Dynamic Synonym Suggest, to make informed decisions for your company. Make your development, product and operations teams more productive by reducing and automating the manual tasks of finding and creating synonyms.

Over time, let BatteryIncluded uncover new synonyms that are unique to your business. Use these insights for your SEO strategy, content structuring and other individual business goals.

"Companies that successfully built human AI relationships get 5x more value and a happier workforce!"

TED Talk Highlight – Shervin Khodabandeh, Managing Director and Senior Partner at Boston Consulting Group

"We managed to establish the entire software on our platform in less than a month."

Dominik K., Head of Marketing

"As a B2B retailer, we have a complex catalog. Many variants, many logics (...) Now we offer a contemporary B2C experience."

Erwin R., Head of E-Commerce

"We speak directly to one of the founders and get the flexible help and expertise we need to make important decisions."

Lukas W., CEO

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